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Vaughn Skoog is a Proud Owner of One of Glenn Prays Auburn 866 Speedsters, car number 54. It was built in 1976 and is equipped with a 460 Cubic Inch Big Block Ford

Thanks for Sharing Vaughn!

"Finally (finished), I Have Been Driving the Hell Out of Her!"  That was the latest message from our Chattanooga, Tennessee friend Roddy Noll. His Speedster looks Fantastic as it should because it was a Well Thought Out and Beautifully Executed Build. Use the link to view Roddy's car as it has progressed over the past couple of years "Roddy Noll's Auburn"

Our friend from Germany, Frank Rotter, has just completed and has added another Auburn to his Collection. He never fails to impress us with his work. This one is powered by Twin Turbo-Chargers. He did not mention who the body was produced by, but if I were to take a guess I would tag it as an Elegant Motors Speedster. Frank also sent us some photo's "one" of his current Auburn projects. You can check it out in our "Auburn Speedster Projects" photo gallery. Another Great looking Car Frank. I bet it is Fast! Thanks again

Have you ever heard the phrase "Luckier than a Guy with Two Auburn Speedsters"... Well I haven't either. But I do know that Bobby Huffman, understandably known as "Boattail Bob", is one Lucky Guy to own both of these Beauties. The white Speedster was built in 1974 by the Auburn  Speedster Company in Buffalo, New York. The black Custom was built in 2006 by Speedster Motorcars' Mike Akins for Alice Cooper. Both Cars now reside in Bob's Maple Valley, Washington garage

Bjorn Stromberg Just Realized a 40 Year Old Dream. He purchased an Auburn Speedster. Bjorn lives in Stockholm, Sweden. Shopping for Auburn Speedsters in Sweden is not all that easy. Last count he knew of 7, maybe 8 of them. One of them became available and as he put it "Deal Done". His car was produced by Prototype Research and Development of Canada. Nice Car Bjorn - Keep Living the Dream!

Bjorn recently sent me some more photo's of his Auburn displaying a few of his updates along with a couple photo's of his two children who are already Auburn Speedster Enthusiasts. Look at those Smiles! Bjorn is still quite pleased with his car. Last Fall he presented it at an exhibit in Sweden and later competed at the Extreme Car Show in Lahti, Finland where it earned a 1st Place award

One of our friends from the Netherlands, Joop Scholte owns the Gorgeous Red Speedster pictured above. It is a 1981 model, the manufacturer is still unknown. Since acquiring his Auburn he has made a few improvements and changes to his car like we all have... that is a big part of the Fun Factor in owing these cars. Thanks Joop - looks Good!

This Gorgeous 1980 California Custom Coach (CCC) 876 Auburn Speedster (Phaeton) belongs to Fredrik Stang Rydin. Check out his dashboard and instrumentation. Fredrik has reworked the original CCC instrument panel to look more like the real thing. This was achieved by installing new Vintage Gauges using original Auburn chrome instrument rings and reproduction inserts along with new Instrument Face Graphics that recreate the look of the original Auburn instruments. Nice Work  Fredrik - Nice Car!

Seventeen Degree's, Snow and Ice were not going to stop Tom Barrett from displaying his California Custom Coach Auburn Speedster at the Annual Autorama Piston Power Show that was held at the Cleveland international Exposition Center. Tom said the Dreaded Snow arrived two days before he was scheduled to leave for the show. per Tom, the Drive was Both Challenging and Beautiful at the same time. Once there and cleaned up he said his Auburn was a Big Hit

From Yorkshire, England, Harvey Muxlow sent us these photo's of his California Custom Coach Auburn Speedster that he purchased 21 years ago in Seattle, Washington. He had it shipped to the UK where it was immediately put to work in Harvey's Wedding Car Fleet Company. Harvey says that it was always one of his more popular cars and that it is still running strong today. Thanks for your photo's and I have no doubt that your Auburn was and still is a Popular Car

My friend, Kevin Marshall, who resides on the other side of the Big Pond, recently added a removable hardtop to his Elegant Motors 856 Speedster. The top was produced by Speedster Motorcars. It was far from an exact fit, but after many hours of work Kevin was quite pleased with the results. Looks Good my Friend! Use the Blue "Video..." link to View a Video Kevin's Auburn Speedster at the "Ashby Folville" show (United Kingdom)

Robert Diepenbrock and his wife "Cat" Love their new Auburn Speedster. From the photo's that I have seen of their Auburn I can understand their enthusiasm. The car is totally awesome and has to be the most authentic looking recreation that I have seen. The car is loaded with Original AUBURN Automobile Company parts. Take a look at that Dashboard, Gauges and Steering Column. Robert has been researching the cars history and has learned that his Auburn began life at Glenn Pray's Auburn Cord Duesenberg Company. Wonderful Car Robert.

Gregory Jones, from Louisiana, tells me that he has Dreamed of owning an Auburn Speedster for the past 25 years. I would say it was worth the wait. His Beautiful Speedster was manufactured by Speedster Motorcars. Gregory has added a few personal touches to his car since acquiring it, one was achieving a more authentic Wheel and Hubcap look. He achieved this by mounting a set of Wheel Vintique Smoothie Chrome Wheels with Reproduction Auburn 8 Center Caps wrapped in Coker  4.5" White Wall tires. This Auburn was definitely worth his wait! What are you waiting for...

This Nice California Custom Coach Auburn 876 Speedster belongs to Jim Konersman. He recently purchased it a Collector Car Auction in Branson, Missouri. Jim tells me that he and his wife are both quite pleased with their Auburn Speedster purchase.

Another Nice California Custom Coach 876 Phaeton, this one belongs to Whayne Porter.  He purchased his Auburn earlier this year and had it shipped to it's new home in Louisville, Kentucky. These photo's were taken at the Keeneland Concours d' Elegance. I had chance to see Whayne's car while attending the Keeneland event and it is nice. I loved the dark saddle color and natural patina of his leather interior.

John Wallace lives on the other side of the "Pond" in London, England. He tells me he is quite pleased with his new purchase. John's Auburn was constructed in the 1980's by Campbell Enterprises and Customs using a California Custom Coach body. It is Powered by a 429 Ford engine and rides on a full size Ford frame. An additional 4" of interior space was built into the car for comfort, I know that I would like that. Great Car John! Thanks for sharing it with us.

My "Three Queens" is how Randy Prestash from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin refers to his Three, that's right, THREE Auburn Speedsters. Two of his cars, the Red ones, were produced by H.T. Price's "The Classic Factory" in Pomona, California. His Yellow one was built by the Auburn Speedster Co. in 1973. I met Randy in Auburn a couple of years ago at the ACD Clubs Reunion when he brought one of his Price built cars. It was a Beauty. He never mentioned he had two more at home... Wow Lucky Guy!

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I found this Auburn on Florida's Universal Studio's Back Lot many years ago. This Speedster was in  the 1989 made for TV movie Road Raiders. The movie was released on VHS but it is hard to find

A Great Mug for that
Morning Java

Parked on the roof of a small Pub in Downtown Indianapolis is an Elegant Motors 856 Speedster. You do not see this very often... I suppose it does cut down on door dings

Robert's company van sports an Auburn Speedster. The Auburn rides on a correct 127" wheel base. Robert has a Sign Shop and really likes Auburns.

Check out Roberts latest Auburn-van.  This is his fourth company van that has been decorated with an Auburn Boattail Speedster.  Check out the driver!   Thanks Robert


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