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Speedster Motorcars

Manufactures a Replica of the 1935 / 1936 Auburn Speedster

information provided by Jeff Akins of Speedster Motorcars / July 2012


No one knows the world of replica Auburn Boattail Speedsters like Michael Akins. To him, the replica Auburn Speedster is more than just another replica car, it has been a life-long passion. Since his early days at Antique Autos of America under the tutelage of David Samuels, Akins has lived and breathed this car. Antique Autos which later in 1977 became Southeastern Replicas was at one time the largest distributor for California Custom Coach replica Boattail Speedsters in the country. They built off of this and later made a few changes and designed their own version of the car which was widely regarded as the best designed replica Speedster ever built. Samuels along with Akins set off to build some of the most realistic replicas ever produced. Not only building their new Boattail Speedster, but also eight Cord and Phaeton replicas. Akins honed his knowledge of the replica business under Samuels in the late 1970’s and into the early 80’s.

Fast forward into the 90’s, the replica Auburn Boattail Speedster business had all but gone the way of the dodo. The only replicas that you could find anymore were either kits that people had purchased years prior and never finished, or used turnkey cars that had seen their fair share of road use. Akins decided to re-launch the Boattail Speedster once again. He set off to create the car again from the ground up, using more modern building techniques to assemble the car; this wouldn’t be your ‘Dads’ replica Speedster. The new Speedster that Akins would create would set the stage for what would come.

In the early part of the 2000’s, Akins finally got to see his dream come to life; a fully modern Auburn Boattail Speedster. The car was complete with a tube chassis, four wheel disc brakes, modern fuel injected engine, spacious all leather interior, and all of this with the look of a mid ‘30s classic. During that same time period, Akins had already been working on a new project of his own, a 1937 810 Cord street rod, named the Coffin Nose Speedster. The Coffin Nose Speedster along with the Classic Boattail Speedster, should prove to be a great lineup of cars being produced by Speedster Motorcars.

Now today, after many trials and tribulations, Akins is still building the car that he loves. He has brought the car back to basics with the knowledge that he has garnered over these almost 40 years of replica Boattail experience. The car is still one of the finest examples of any replica you can find. These Auburn Speedster kits that Akins produce, are by far, the best that have ever been built to date.

Speedster Motorcars
3226 Big Ridge Road
Glenville, NC 28736

Tel: 727-584-3606

Speedster Motorcars / Contact Michael Akins

January 2015 Press Release

Speedster Motorcars has moved into it's new location

Jeff Akins recently contacted me with news of Speedster Motorcars moving to a new location. As the demand for Neo-Classic automobiles has seen a surge in popularity again in recent years, Speedster Motorcars has made the decision to ramp up production of their famed Speedster Classic replica. They have moved to a new 8800 square foot facility in Clearwater, Florida. This new facility will give them the opportunity to expand their parts inventory as well as take on new projects that they have planned for the upcoming year. Also at their new location they will have a dedicated restoration division that will focus not only on restorations of current 2nd Generation replica's, but also other makes and models. Be sure to check out their newly designed website for more information, 

Speedster Motorcars / contact: Mike Akins

Speedster Classic Designs, inc
800 Belleair Rd.
Clearwater, Florida, 33756

Contact Mike Akins or Jeff Akins 727-584-3606


information provided by Jeff Akins of Speedster Motorcars / January 2015

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