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Keeneland Concours
2007 d'Elegance

The fourth annual Keeneland Concours d'Elegance event was another Winning Bet.  Again there were one hundred invitation only cars displayed on the beautiful and historic Keeneland Race Course properties. Keeneland Race Course has been home of Thoroughbreds and Horsepower since 1936. Keeneland is located in the heart of the Bluegrass region, in Lexington, Kentucky.

The Concours d'Elegance offers a different kind of Thoroughbred. This years thoroughbreds included such prestigious m
akes as Duesenberg, Bentley, Packard, Cadillac, Lincoln, Auburn, Cord and Lexington. As a tribute to the Lexington Automobile company, the remaining known Lexington's were proudly displayed on the Show Grounds. The Horsepower came from this years featured marquee, Jaguar. Jaguars were proudly displayed in there own paddock. This years special guest was Bob Tullius, the legendary Jaguar Racer. Bob was the founder and is a former member of the Group 44 racing team. Bob's Group 44 team is responsible for Jaguars return to successful racing and gathering many international wins.

One hundred Concours automobiles were thoroughly inspected by a well trained staff of judges. The Keeneland judges receive mandatory training in order to maintain a fair and consistent standard. The entries compete for Class, Peoples Choice and Best of Show trophies that are sponsored by some of the local thoroughbred farms in the region. The big winner of this event is the Children's Hospital of Kentucky. A large portion of the shows proceeds go to this wonderful organization.

Adding to the collection of thoroughbred cars, there were actually two judg
ed events this year,  The Keeneland Concours and as a bonus, the Classic Car Club of America's (CCCA) "Grand Classic Event". The CCCA's event featured Classic Cars produced from 1925-1948. Along with the Concours, the show offers an Automobile Art tent where the artist and their works are available. The beautiful art, originals and numbered prints are offered for sale. Food, don't worry about food, there is plenty to eat and drink. The show offers a unique parking situation. If you are driving a car of Special Interest you are directed to a preferred parking area in  a grassy paddock that backs up to the Concours. There is also Car Club parking in a shaded park like area. The Special Interest and Car Club parking make for practically another show. The award ceremony is well thought out just like the entire event. The ceremony is a very professional and entertaining presentation. Along with the judged Concours event, there are planned road tours along with a black Tie Gala for the exhibitors.

An acquaintance of mine and one of the judges, Doug Rood, recommended the event and I am certainly glad that he did. The Keeneland Concours is a Class Act. It is hard to believe that this show is only four years young. The 2008 Concours d'Elegance will be moved to mid July in order to better assist Concours car owners with their busy show schedules. To view a few photo's from the show visit our Keeneland Photo Gallery. To view more photo's visit the official Keeneland Concours website.

August 2007


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