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Frank Rotter, our friend from Germany, sent us these 3 photo's of just one of his latest Toys. He also sent us some photo's of his most recent Auburn Speedster restoration. View the before and after photos of it in our "Auburn Speedster Projects" photo gallery. Another Great looking car, Thanks again Frank!

India's Diljeet Titus has a large Collection of American Classic Automobiles including this Auburn Kees van os from the Netherlands sent us a few photo's  of his  898 Speedster because he heard that we were looking for cars to post in the Photo Gallery. He was right and we appreciate his efforts. Thanks!

New ACD Club members, Bob and Nancy Kelley, have owned their Glenn Pray 866 Auburn (car number 94) for a little over a year now. They have admittedly been way too busy and have not had the time to enjoy their Speedster as much as they would like to. They vowed that 2012 would be different. Great Looking Car guys!!!

This 1935 851 Speedster belongs Mark Spandikow. It is body number 42. Mark has only been able to trace the cars history back to the early 80's. It was part of the Volo Museum Collection at one time.  After being purchased from the Museum it spent 30 years in France before Mark purchased it at Auction a few years ago. After equipping his Speedster with radial tires Mark says that his car is now a Great Driver and that it's Show Car days are over.

Stan Gordon owns these three Beautiful ACD Cars. The Red Speedster is a Glenn Pray 866 Auburn. Stan's Auburn is only 3500 miles from new. The Cord is an early 1967 production SAMCO car using remaining Glenn Pray parts. It is number S101.  Rounding out this trio is a Black Duesenberg II with less than 6000 miles. Thanks for sharing your collection with us Stan.

Check out those  Fender Skirts on Chris "Doc" Sabatino's Auburn Speedster! His car was built in Largo, Florida by Antique Automobiles of America. in September 1979. Chris and his Speedster can now be found Cruising the streets of Hollywood, California. His Arctic White Speedster is powered with a 350 Oldsmobile drive line.  The Custom fender skirts are a new addition, they were owner designed and are hand made of metal. They look Great Doc! If there is enough interest, he would be interested in taking orders for his Custom Fender Skirts.

Our friend Frank Rotter sent us some updated photo's of his current stable of Auburn Speedsters. He just finished a refurbishing of the Red Car and the Tan Speedster is his latest addition.

Dennis Lord is the Owner and Builder of this Celebrity Auburn. His 876 Auburn was used in the Movie "Black Dahlia" which starred Hilary Swank. When not on the movie set Dennis seems to find time to parade celebrities such as Hunter Tylo, Michael Bolton and Nicolette Sheridan in the Annual Hollywood Santa Claus Parade

Marc-André as you can see is quite Satisfied with his New Auburn Speedster. He just purchased it from J.P. at Victory Cars in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. It is a 1978 876 Speedster manufactured by California Custom Coach. Marc's Speedster will be heading to his home in Canada

Tony Wilde resides in Australia and owns this Fantastic California Custom Coach Speedster. There is doubt this  car Turns Heads where ever it goes. He just purchased it and Loves it. Tony has one problem... His car needs a complete Convertible Top, including Bows, Wood, Canvas and Side Windows. If you can help Tony out email him at:

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I found this Auburn on Florida's Universal Studio's Back Lot many years ago. This Speedster was in  the 1989 made for TV movie Road Raiders. The movie was released on VHS but it is hard to find.

A great mug for that
morning java

Parked on the roof of a small Pub in Downtown Indianapolis is an Elegant Motors 856 Speedster. You do not see this very often... I suppose it does cut down on door dings.

Robert's company van sports an Auburn Speedster. The Auburn rides on a correct 127" wheel base. Robert has a Sign Shop and really likes Auburns.

Check out Roberts latest Auburn-van.  This is his fourth company van that has been decorated with an Auburn Boattail Speedster.  Check out the driver!   Thanks Robert!

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