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I cant believe that another year has passed and we are back in Auburn, Indiana for the 2015 Auburn Cord Duesenberg Clubs Reunion. I love Auburn, but Jeez I wish life would slow down just a little. Anyway... my 1st stop was the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum to pick up my Reunion packet, since after all, I am a Proud Card Carrying Member of the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club. Yes they do let us Second Generation Auburn owners join, probably only because membership does not require owning an Original ACD car

The Museum was looking Fantastic as it always does. I have been a member of the Museum since 1974. I was 17 years young, either Really Weird or Very Clairvoyant to have been taken with these cars at such an early age. I guarantee that my buddy's would not have known an Auburn from a Packard. They were saving their money for Used Muscle Cars... Hmm maybe they were Clairvoyant too.

The Museum has taken on a new look along 1600 Wayne Street. The trees that formally paralleled the sidewalks are gone which shows the Museum much better and the parking lot across the street is under going a major renovation with added parking and a Park like addition that now has the Duesenberg brothers, Fred and Augie watching over things while their "Bronzed" friend, Mr. E.L Cord stands alongside the Museum keeping tabs on things over there. The changes, though not quite finished, do look very nice

"Moonshadow" as this 1936 Cord 810 Westchester is known belonged to the late Josh Malks, ACD Club Member and Cord Expert. The Museum
will now be Moonshadow's new Home. Josh died of Cancer in October  2013. His wife presented the beloved Cord to the Museum the following January

The  Museum is a Treasury of Auburn Cord History. Displayed throughout are many Rare pieces from the Auburn Automobile Co.

The "Coppertone Cord", due to it's Color and Copper Plated Accents, is proudly displayed on the Museum's Showroom Floor. It is the 1st of the 100 Cords that were (hand) built in order to qualify for exhibition in the 1936 New York Auto Show. The 810 Cord was the Star of the Show. It is said that people stood on Running Boards and Tops of the other Show Cars that were displayed near the Cord in order to get a Glimpse of the Striking All NEW Cord

More Auburn Cord Duesenberg Cars are displayed on the 2nd Floor of the Museum. There is a Gallery showcasing other  Indiana built automobiles. There is also a recreated 1920's Auburn Dealer Showroom along with a Special Racing - Performance Galley showcasing ACD cars at Speed

There was a Automobile Design Display depicting what a Duesenberg offering may look like today. It was quite interesting. There were probably a dozen renderings total. I should have taken some more pictures

Duesenberg Racer Eddie O'Donnell (right) and his Riding Mechanic, Lyall Jolls are seen relaxing for a photo before the 1920 Thanksgiving Day Race that would take both of their Lives on a Board Track in Beverly Hills, Ca. O'Donnell had worked for Duesenberg for 8 years

Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum - Auburn, Indiana

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