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Auburn Speedster manufacturers
These companies are still actively in Business

Auburn Cord Duesenberg Company / contact: Doug Pray (ACD club member)

Manufactured: Auburn 866 Speedsters 1968-1981, 874 Auburn    
        Phaetons 1974 -1981 and the 8/10 Cords 1964 -1966.

Currently offers: parts and restoration service for original Auburns,
      Cords and 2
nd Generation Auburns and Cords

Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Company
122 S. Elm Place, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, 74012
Tel: 918-251-3161 / website:


California Custom Coach / contact: Alex or Pat Christodulidis

            Currently manufacturers: Auburn 2 place Speedsters and offers
                    replacement parts for the original CCC Auburn 876 Speedster       

            California Custom Coach
            5215 N. O'Connor Blvd, Suite 200, Irving, Texas 75039
            Tel: 972-443-9823 / email: aec@california-custom-coach.com


Prototype Research Ltd. / contact: David Carlaw  (ACD club member)

           Currently manufacturers: Auburn 2 and 4 place Speedsters, also
              offers replacement parts for original and reproduction cars.

           Prototype Research Ltd
           230 Alberta Lane, Box 1330, Cambellford Ontario, Canada, KOL 110
           Tel: 705-653-4525 / Fax: 705-653-4800


Speedster Motorcars / contact: Mike Akins 
(ACD club member)

         Currently manufactures: 1935 / 1936 Auburn Speedsters, also offers
               replacement parts for original and reproduction Speedsters along
               with restoration services

Speedster Motorcars inc.
        1373 Coastal Hwy, Penacea, Florida 32346
        Tel: 727-584-3606
 / email: speedstermotorcars@gmail.com
        website: www.speedsterhardware.com


Former Auburn Speedster manufacturers
note:  The Companies listed below are NO longer in business,
some of this information can be as old as 30 years...

Antique Auto of America

Manufactured: Auburn 2 and 4 place Speedsters along with a Cord.
            DBA the following:

 Antique Auto of America / Antique Auburn of America
            611 Commerce Drive, Largo Florida, 33540
            Tel: 813-586-2824

            Southeastern Replicars / President: David Samuel

            12082 62
nd street, North Largo Fla. 33543

            Tel: 813-535-1957

 Northeastern Replicars
            23 Orchard Place, Poughkeepsie, NY, 12601
            Tel: 914-229-7792

Auburn Cord Duesenberg Motor Company of California

Manufactured: Auburn AR211 Speedsters (2 place) and Auburn
       AR411 Speedsters (4 place)

Auburn Cord Duesenberg Motor Company of California
3004 West Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California, 90026
Tel: 213-666-9092

Auburn Cord Motorcars / Auburn (Cord) Motorcars of America

Manufactured: the "Encore" Auburn Speedsters in 2001 and 2002,
        Auburn Encores were priced at $57,795. A Cord was planned
        but never materialized.

Auburn Cord Motorcars
9036 Ila Road, Carsville, Georgia, 30521
Tel: 770-338-9634 / website:


Auburn Speedsters Company / established 1971

         Manufactured: Auburn Speedsters "they looked like a copy of a
                Glenn Pray Speedster only they were on a shorter 126"

         Auburn Speedsters Company
         361-B Franklin Street, Buffalo, NY. 14202

California Custom Coach / subsidiary of the Auburn Speedster Company

Manufactured: Auburn 876 Speedster, 2 and 4 place cars

California Custom Coach
            1285 East Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, California, 91106
            Tel: 213-796-4395

California Custom Coach
            830 N. Lake Street, Burbank, California, 91504
            Tel: 213-841-1342

California Custom Coach Co. was started again by Alex Christodulidis in 2010

            Manufactured: Auburn 2 place Speedsters and offered
                    replacement parts for the original CCC Auburn 876 Speedster       

            California Custom Coach
            5215 N. O'Connor Blvd, Suite 200, Irving, Texas 75039
            Tel: 972-443-9823 / email: aec@california-custom-coach.com


Classic City Motors / contact: Gene Daley

Supposedly Manufactured: 2007 -2009 Auburn 2 and 4 place Speedsters

Classic City Motors
Auburn, Indiana
Tel: 260-402-7163 / Website:


Classic Cars of London / division of Anden Holdings Ltd.

Manufactured: Auburn 886 Speedsters

Classic Cars of London
            980 Adelaide Street South, London Ontario, N6E 1123
            Tel: 519-686-5480 / 519-672-2091

Classic Cars of London
            341 Talbot Street, London Ontario, N6A 2R5
            Tel: 519-672-2091 / 519-686-5480
            Classic Cars of Lauderdale
            Royal Trust Plaza, Suite 204, 2810 East Oakland Park Blvd.
            Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33306

The Classic Factory / owner: H.T. Price

Manufactured: Auburn 2 and 4 place Speedsters and the 812 Cord

The Classic Factory
            1454 E. Ninth Street, Pamona, California, 91766
            Tel: 909-629-5968

Elegant Motors / establish 1973 / owners: Del Amy and Dick Passwater

Manufactured: Auburn 856 Speedsters (2 place car) and Auburn
       898 Speedsters (4 place car), 820 Cord and a Duesenberg
       "LaGrande", 1973 - unknown

Elegant Motors
832 N. Meridian Street, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46204
Tel: 317-634-5200

Glassic dba: Replicars / The Parker-West Group

Manufactured: Auburn Speedster, called the Romulus. Supposedly only produced 4-5 cars. Their molds... or others, I do not know..."

Glassic - Replicars
3175 Belvedere Road, West Palm Beach, Fla. 33406
Tel: 305-684-2888

Indy Exotics / owner: Harry Broaddux

         Manufactured: Auburn Speedsters 2 and 4 Place cars along with a Cord

         Indy Exotics bought the old Elegant Motors

         Indy Exotics
         7610 Lake Road, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46217
         Tel: 317-881-9067

         Indy Exotics
         1551 Churchman Ave, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46203
         Tel: 317-784-1119

Linberg Engineering / owner: Bob Linberg

Manufactured: The A36 Auburn Speedster "these cars are small 
        cars and were built on VW chassis..."

Linberg Engineering
            35111 Lodge Road, Tollhouse, Ca. 93667
            Tel: 209-855-8221

Vintage Autoworks Incorporated

Manufactured: Auburn WL Speedster "I really do not know if they
        were a manufacturer or just a builder..."

           Vintage Autoworks Incorporated
           6615 North Ave., West Palm, Florida 33405
           Tel: 305-583-6037

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