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Auburn Speedster Projects

"Send us photo's of your current and or past Auburn Projects. Include a brief description
of the work being performed. We will be glad to post your photo's and stories
below to share with other Speedster enthusiast"

Mike Mastrangelo Rescues an Auburn from a field in Wisconsin

Mike tells me that he has been in love with the Auburn Speedster for over 40 years, ever since he saw a Red one at a Car Show. Mike found an un-built Elegant Motors Auburn in a Wisconsin field... Lucky Guy! He just happens to have a '53 Packard Straight 8 engine and a Graham Super-Charger that both are looking for a new Home. Mike says that it is an Ambitious Project, but he is Focused and Dedicated. He said that he would keep us posted as the Auburn progresses.      Dec. 2019 Update:  "The Fun has Begun"

Franck Edon (France) Auburn Project is Progressing Nicely

Franck's Auburn Speedster is powered by a 429 Cobra Jet which is mated to a C6 Automatic Transmission, both removed from a Ford Torino. Franck found his Auburn, wrecked and long abandoned in a garage in France. The car was originally from New York, other than that he knows little about it's history. For the past 20 month's he has worked on it daily. He tells me there is still some interior work and exterior bumper work to do but it is nearing completion. He went on to tell me that he is a Great Admirer of Glenn Pray and his Story. He thinks of Glenn as a Legend...  so do many of us. Thanks Franck for sharing your story

Frank Rotter (Germany) - Yes Another One!

Frank Rotter is always coming up with another Auburn Project and I do mean "Always". Just the other day he sent me photo's of his most recent build, a "Twin-Turbo Auburn". You can view it in our "Auburn Speedster Photo Gallery". The car pictured here is his latest project. I do not have details as what Frank has planned for this one, but you can bet he knows. Pictured in the background is the Twin-Turbo Auburn

Staffan Ellstrom (Sweden) a Hand Built Auburn Speedster body

Staffan tells me that he was at a Swap Meet when he noticed a photo that a vendor had of an Auburn Speedster body hanging in a Barn. The vendor, an Old Guy, wanted to know if Staffan was interested in it. He went on to explain that he and his son hand built the Speedster body out of metal. A family tragedy put a halt to their project 18 years ago and that he was now too old to finish it. Staffan could not resist, he made arrangements to go and see it. It was a body only. Staffan said that the dimensions proved it to be a 1:1 scale recreation and the workmanship, though not finished, is pretty impressive. He plans on using a modern drive line and has no intentions of building a show car, just a Nice Driver. I ask him to keep us updated as his work progresses

Roddy Noll's Auburn Speedster update!

"Finally (finished), Have been Driving the Hell Out of Her" That was the latest update from our Chattanooga, Tennessee friend Roddy Noll. His Speedster looks Fantastic as it should because it was a Well Thought Out and Beautifully Executed Build. Roddy, If you must Drive the Hell Out of Her... Please do so "Gently"

Roddy has to definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel as his Speedster is finishing up. The upholstery work, like all of the work that Roddy has either performed or contracted out looks great. These photo's are from mid October 2016

Paint! - We have Paint! - A lot has taken place since the Car in Primer photo's below. It looks as if it is all coming together and it is looking Great. As we all know building an Auburn Speedster to this level requires time, energy and money.  Roddy tells me in order to achieve the straight and properly aligned fiberglass body panels required a lot work. From what I have seen of his efforts it was well worth it               April 2016

Earlier updated photo's of his Speedster Motorcars Auburn. It looks like it is getting really close to seeing some paint. He said he is going with a Silver and Grey Tu-Tone. Everything looks Good Roddy! It would be nice to build one from the ground up. Send more pictures as your car progresses. Some earlier pictures of Roddy's Auburn are posted a little farther down...

Below are some January 2016 Project update pics: Roddy is definitely Proving to be the Craftsman. Lower left photo is of  his Custom Built Steering Wheel setting up. He has fabricated from scratch the Wood Dashboard

The Roddy Noll  Speedster Project Begins!

Chattanooga, Tennessee's Roddy Noll is building what looks like one awesome Auburn Speedster.
Roddy shared his Auburn story with me along with these photo's
"Picking up the Project" "Home in the Driveway" "At last in the Garage"

His car was manufactured in 1992 by Speedster Motorcars. The original owner passed away shortly after purchasing a rolling frame for it. The family traded the car to a restoration shop in Murphy N.C. in exchange for a paint job. Roddy purchased it from the restoration shop and he tells me he has been "breaking the bank" ever since. Painting the car is next and if all goes as planned that will be April 2015 Looking Good Roddy!  Keep us posted as the project progresses


Speeder Motorcars, Mike Akins occasionally stops in to help out
"350 4 Bolt Main, Roller Cam and Roller Rockers" "Frames is leaving for
Powder Coating"
"If it moves it was Rebuilt", now rolls with 4 Wheel Disc Brakes

One of many Frank Rotter "Completed" Speedster Projects!

Frank Rotter from Germany, sent me some updated photo's of his newest undertaking. He tells me that he loves Auburn Speedsters in Red... so why not another Red One. I agree Frank, Why Not! Frank obviously does such a nice job with his cars that he has a hard time keeping them. Someone is usually waiting in the wings to buy one no sooner than the paint dries. Thanks again Frank!

"Diamonds in the Rough" is the way Frank sees them before he even begins performing his Magic. This one looks a little nicer and more complete than some of his previous cars

Curt Schulze' Auburn 851 Speedster

ACD Club Member, Curt Schulze has made a lot of progress on his Auburn Speedster project. He went with a a non-metallic factory color known as "Preston Green". Knowing Curt and his Cars, I cannot wait to see his Speedster when he is finished performing his Magic. The Beautiful Auburn Phaeton also belongs to Curt. Curt is a Good Guy and a Good Source for Auburn Parts, New, Used and Reproductions. You can contact him at Auburns Midwest if you are in need of any thing Auburn

Bob Peterson's Auburn purchase!

Bob Peterson purchased this Cigarette Cream, mid 1970's, Elegant Motors Auburn Speedster in 2009

Bob purchased his Auburn with the intentions of performing a total rebuild. It is is powered by a Small Block Buick 350 Drive Line. Part of his rebuild is to add Air Bags and Centerline Smoothies to his Auburn. He said that he still has a lot of work yet to do but he is having Fun and that is what it's all about. I like what I see so far, Nice Job Bob!

Another Frank Rotter Speedster Project!

Germany's Frank Rotter just sent me a some photo's from one of his Many Auburn Speedster Projects

This one is the latest. The "Before" Auburn definitely looks like it has seen Better Days... if not it Should Have. No Auburn Speedster should ever look like this one. Never Fear though, when Frank is finished performing his Auburn Magic it will look like All of the other Speedsters that he has brought back to life. Many of them are still part of his Growing Collection. Frank please keep us posted with photo's of the Finished Product

A Previous Frank Rooter Restoration. These are some shared "Before" and "After" photo's from Good Guy and Premiere Auburn Speedster Enthusiast, Restorer and Collector, Frank Rotter. Frank and "All of His" Auburn Speedsters reside in Germany. Another Beautiful Car Frank,  Keep up the Good Work!

I can honestly say that Frank has owned and restored more 2nd Generation Speedsters than anyone I know. The number of Speedsters in Frank's Collection probably exceeds most dealer inventory's. Thanks Frank

A Speedster and a Cord Project  - belonging to Scott Kaboo and his Dad!

ACD Club members, Scott Kaboo's and his father are busy working on several Auburn and Cord projects...

Next Speedster Project - Our Very Own Frank Rotter

He is at it again... our Good Friend Frank Rotter is about to get started on another Auburn Project (Below). He said that he will keep us posted as work progresses. Photo's of Franks past project Auburns can be found on these pages and his finished Speedsters are depicted in the Auburn Speedsters Gallery. Keep up the Good Work Frank!

Bob Kidder's Auburn

Bob Kidder sent us the following 18 pictures of his Elegant Motors Auburn in the early build stage. Bob's Auburn uses a custom 3x5 tube frame with 1979 Caprice front and rear suspension. Bob credits the workmanship and attention to detail to Master builder Pete Fullerton. Power will be from a Chevrolet 250 cubic inch six cylinder that is fed through triple carburetors. These early photo's were taken in Spring 2005

A September 2010 update from Bob: "Iíve been driving this car for the last year and a half, taking it to shows and cruises without paint and a half-finished interior and have received many compliments. Almost three years ago I sent you pictures of the custom frame and motor going together. Work goes on with fiberglass and getting it ready for color. I am 6 feet 7 inches and needed to modify the body by taking out the convertible top door and building floor hugging seats that allow plenty of room for legs and head"

Guess Who!

Pictured below are just a few of Frank Rotter's many Auburn Speedster Projects. He is always looking for another Speedster. He buys Auburns from around the world! You can email Frank at:

Frank Rotter, from Germany, is one of the Busiest Guys I know when it comes to Building, Re-Building, Restoring, Buying and Selling 2nd Generation Auburn Speedsters. At last count he has bought and sold 20+ Auburn Speedsters. He currently owns four others. This should come as no surprise... but the 1935-1936 Boattail Auburn Speedster is his Favorite Car. He is always looking for more cars, if you have any leads send them his way!

A couple of Curt Schulze Auburns receiving Full Restorations

ACD Club Member, Curt Schulze, is another Busy Guy. Not only does he confess to Way Too Many Auburn Projects, but he also Sells and Reproduces Parts for Original Auburns. He is a Good Guy and a Good Source for Auburn Parts, new, used and reproductions. Depicted above is his Speedster and Convertible Sedan.

My Auburn 866 Speedster under going some reconditioning!

The Red Car, shown below is mine... I purchased it in California and had it shipped home in November 2000. It is an 866 Auburn and was produced by Glenn Pray's Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Company in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma in the mid-seventies. The car is painted a Corvette Mili Miglia Red with a Saddle leather interior. The overall condition of the paint was too nice to require a total repaint, so I elected to disassemble the car and only paint what was needed. While apart I decide to replace all of the body welting, cleaned the chassis and detailed the under hood area.  These photo's were taken in 2001.  (the webmaster, Mark)

Our Inaugural Speedster Project Listing
Thanks to Rick Monroe sharing his photo's with us

Never say Never... Rick Monroe from Enfield, Connecticut is building a Boeing Turbine Powered Auburn Speedster. The frame and driveline is just about finished in these pictures. Body work and Paint is next. There is a test drive video to view on You Tube.

"Send us photo's of your current and or past Auburn Projects. Include a brief description
of the work being performed. We will be glad to post your photo's and stories
below to share with other Speedster enthusiast"

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