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What, Where and When...
Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club National Reunion

Auburn, Indiana

More and more car enthusiasts and new Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club members are expressing interest in attending the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club (ACD) National Reunion and ACD Festival in Auburn. Hopefully this page will answer some of your many questions. You will want to make it an annual pilgrimage as so many others do each year! It's that much fun!

Planning your first trip to a big car show can be a little overwhelming. When should we plan to arrive and leave? What should we bring? Where will we stay? Where do we eat? What will the kids like doing?


The ACD National Reunion and ACD Festival are now world-famous and attract several hundred thousand visitors each Labor Day Weekend. The multi-day event could not happen without the cooperation of three separate entities.

The ACD Club National Reunion is hosted by the ACD Club in Auburn, Indiana each Labor Day Weekend. It gives the Club Members a chance to get together and show off their cars. You can buy and sell parts, learn restoration tips and enter your car for certification and judging.

The ACD Festival runs concurrently and is hosted by the ACD Festival organization. It promotes the event and plans a number of family-oriented activities including the world famous ACD Parade.

The ACD Museum is ground-zero for the weekend event. It's a beautiful and historic museum that is your link between today and yesteryear.


Bring comfortable casual clothes. The weather is generally very nice. Sometime there is rain, but there is a Walmart nearby with lots of umbrellas. Don't worry about Saturday. It never rains on our parade ... really!

If you are an ACD Member, bring your name badge. Don't have one? You can order them from Ro Bogart. Her info is in the newsletter.

Bring a camera. If you have small children, bring strollers, etc. Bring some folding chairs if you can, and bring the most comfortable shoes you've got. (I suggest CROCS!) Bring business cards with your contact info because you are going to make a lot of new friends. Bring your checkbook! You never know what you'll see at the Auction or parked downtown.

If you plan to attend the Ladies' Tea, bring period clothing and a great hat! If you plan to go to the Award Luncheon on Sunday, its a nice banquet and Award Ceremony so a coat and tie is preferred for the gentlemen.


The Reunion and Festival are held each Labor Day Weekend. The dates may change, but the activities are very consistent during each day of the event. Here's a detailed list of events:

Thursday - Club Members and guests start arriving in Auburn. Many will arrive in time for the Kickoff Luncheon held at the Museum. Tickets are required. Thursday afternoon, the ACD cars will start gathering in the North parking lot next to the Museum. Trailer storage is available in designated areas near by. Multiple Collector Car Auctions and two Swap Meets take place nearby. Thursday is a day for catching up with old friends. There are a number of restaurants around town for you and your friends to have dinner and reminisce.

Friday - Plan to get up early and attend the Swap Meet held in the south parking lot of the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum. Enjoy a Pancake Breakfast while at the Museum. Concurrently there are antique shops open, quilt shows, museum tours. ACD Junior Members' activities at the Museum. The Ladiesí Tea is held at the Museum Friday afternoon. Cars undergo certification exams all day. Judging takes place. Tech talks and seminars are held in the Museum. Multiple Collector Car Auctions take place nearby. Friday night is Steak Fry night at the Country Club, again tickets required. All the cars are on display at the Country Club. Later that night, all of the cars gather downtown around the square and on 9th Street. Music, food, fun, cars and other car enthusiasts all create a festive atmosphere than can last well into the wee hours of the morning.

Saturday Ė This is the big day! All of the cars that will be in the parade gather in Eckhart Park. Photos of each car are taken as they enter the park. A box lunch is served around noon, again, tickets required. The parade begins at 1PM and lasts 90 minutes. All of the cars end up in downtown around the Courthouse and remain on display until 4pm. It's wall to wall people as they view the cars in their very best condition! A very nice Club BBQ is held Saturday night. The actual location changes periodically. After dinner, the cars gather downtown for a final reunion. Multiple Collector Car Auctions and two Swap Meets take place nearby throughout the day.

Sunday Ė The Awards Banquet. If you have had your car judged this banquet is a must. If not, itís still a great meal and lots of Club activities take place. Definitely worth going to. The Banquet wraps up around 1:30 pm. Club Members start leaving throughout the day. Multiple Collector Car Auctions and two Swap Meets continue nearby throughout the day.


Getting a hotel in Auburn can be very tough. Thousands of people flood Auburn each year for this event. The following is a list of places to stay. Make your reservations up to a year in advance. We also suggest you visit  Google Maps - Hotels near Auburn








AUBURN HOTEL (Right in the heart of downtown Auburn. This is a hotel that is undergoing restoration and is a favorite with many long-time Club members. Sure, the bathroom is down the hall, the floors creak and every room is different, but this is the only place where you can truly get the feel of a 1930ís hotel.)

BED & BREAKFASTS (A number of residents open their homes up to visitors during the Labor Day Weekend).

FORT WAYNE - INDIANA and other surrounding cities. (These towns are all about 25 minutes away, but this is about as far out as you will have to say.)


If you are a Club Member, then you will receive a registration packet in one of the Newsletters that will arrive in the spring. You will have the opportunity to buy meal tickets for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sign up for as many as you can. The food is great and you will be sitting down with your friends and other Club members amongst the cars. There are places to eat in Auburn but they are all small and sometimes its hard to get a place to sit.

If you are not a Club Member, then the restaurants and fast food chains are your best bet.


Each night, most members leave their ACD car and their regular car at their hotels. During each dayís activities there are places to park all throughout the town. Parking is naturally hard to find during the parade. Get there early to park your driver near downtown. Eckhart Park is only a few blocks away. All of the ACD cars will be there all Saturday morning on display.


Because it is fun! Everyone likes to show off their car and meet others with similar interests. There is so much to do, it can take 3 or 4 repeat visits to take in all of the activities.


There are deadlines to register for the event and the Club is very consistent when it comes to allowing cars in the Park and the Parade. Please do not wait until the last minute, you won't get in.

Don't delay on getting a place to stay unless you don't mind a 30 minute drive several times a day.

In the past, it has been Members Only for the Eckhart Park exhibition on Saturday morning. Only Members and their families and registered ACD cars have been allowed in. New for 2009, the general public will be allowed in Eckhart Park to view the exhibited ACD cars. There will be an admission charge. There is No Charge if you are a Club member. If you are not a Club member, don't delay! Join the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club today. ACD car ownership is not a requirement.



Optional HOOSIER TOUR. Separate sign up required. Contact Jack "Hoosier Daddy" Randinelli to sign up. Sometimes there is a waiting list to get in. Itís like a Regional Meet. The Tour rolls into Auburn Thursday at Noon just in time for the Kickoff Luncheon.


ACD Club Members arrive around Noon 
ACD Club Kick Off Luncheon
ACD Automobile Museum Tours
NATMUS Automobile Museum Tours
ACD Club Private Dining for Dinner
Collector Car Auction
Giant Swap Meet at the RM Auction Park


Breakfast at the ACD Museum

ACD Parts Swap Meet
ACD Automobile Museum Tours
NATMUS Automobile Museum Tours
Quilt Show
Antique Show
ACD Certification
ACD Judging
ACD Car Tech Talks
Collector Car Auction
Giant Swap Meet at the RM Auction Park
ACD Club Dinner
9th Street Festivities


Club ACD Car gathering in Eckhart Park
Festival Parade of ACD cars
Downtown ACD car display

ACD Automobile Museum Tours
NATMUS Automobile Museum Tours
Antique Show
Collector Car Auction
Giant Swap Meet at the RM Auction Park

ACD Club Dinner
9th Street Festivities part two


ACD Awards Brunch
ACD Automobile Museum Tours
NATMUS Automobile Museum Tours
Multiple Collector Car Auctions
Giant Swap Meet at the RM Auction Park

*ACD Club Members only


ACD Clubs Event Web Page for Details

ACD Festival Web Page:

ACD Automobile Museum Web Page:

ACD Club:

RM's Auction America:

World Wide Auctions:

"What, Where and When..."  was originated by William Cord Hummel. William is the Grandson
of E.L. Cord and is a very active member of the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club. Thanks Bill!

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