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Antique Autos of America, was owned and operated by David Samuels in Largo, Florida. With over fifty employees, Antique Autos of America was one of the premier auto restoration facilities in the United States. Cars restored by Antique Autos included the famed the Frank Lloyd Wright L29 Cord in 1981. The company was so well respected that cars would just show up on trailers to be restored, not even knowing whom the cars belonged to. Southeastern Replicars was a side company of Antique Autos of America. Southeastern Replicars was the replica division of David Samuels company. Michael Akins was the production manager.

1935 Auburn Boattail Speedster Replicas, in kit form and turnkey form, were produced. Later a Cord 810 Phaeton, or what Southeastern called the 815SE Phaeton, was added. For the day, Southeastern was heralded as one of the best replica manufacturers ever, even garnering the attention of designer Gordon Buehrig, stating “this is the concept that I had always hoped for” when describing the   front wheel drive 815SE. The 815SE (Cord Phaeton) sold for $49,950 for the gas version and $57,950 for a diesel version. Only a handful of 815SE's were built. I have seen only one,  and I must say that it was the most authentic looking factory built replicar that I have ever seen. The 815SE's were actual front wheel drive cars using the 350 Oldsmobile Toronado drive line. Southeastern Replicars built about thirty turnkey Auburn Boattail replicas along with hundreds of kits. By 1981, Auburn Boattail Speedster basic kits were priced at $8000-$9000, deluxe kits were $15,000 - $17,000. I could not find any pricing for turn key Auburn Speedster's. The Auburns utilized full size Chevrolet and some Ford chassis in the manufacturing process. Southeastern Replicars went as far as producing a twin turbocharged 460 Lincoln powered car that they advertised as the fastest Auburn replica ever produced.

Many manufacturers were building the Auburn Boattail Speedster replica's throughout the '70's and into the 1980's, but few would survive the down turn of the economy. The heyday of Auburn and Cord replicas ended in the early 1980's for Southeastern Replicars. Michael Akins would later go onto build his version of the Auburn Boattail Speedster. In 1995 he started his own company, the very successful Speedster Motorcars.

From period magazine articles and ads, there was some Southeastern Replicar connection to Northeastern Replicars, Antique Auburns of America and later there was a California Custom Coach and Repli-Classics connection. I do not know the time line for these companies and ventures. As I put it all together I will make the needed updates.

Special thanks to Jeff Akins for providing much of the above information

Antique Autos of America / President: David Samuel
   Manufactured: Auburn 2 and 4 place Speedsters along with a Cord Phaeton.
          DBA the following:

Antique Auto of America / Antique Auburn of America
          611 Commerce Drive, Largo Florida, 33540
          Tel: 813-586-2824

          Southeastern Replicars

          12082 62
nd street, North Largo Fla. 33543

          Tel: 813-535-1957

Northeastern Replicars
          23 Orchard Place, Poughkeepsie, NY, 12601
          Tel: 914-229-7792

note: The contact information is over 25 years old. / last updated: 06-2008

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