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The Classic Factory
Manufactured 1935 Auburn Speedster Replicars

The Classic Factory was started by H.T. Price. The Classic Factory was located in Pomona, California. Price not only built Auburn Speedsters, but he also offered a really nice replica of the 810/812 Cord 2 place Convertible and a 500K Mercedes. Price's cars were of a high build caliber. His Auburns are unique in that they roll on a stretched 132" wheel base verses the original 127" wheelbases. That extra 5" not only added to the beauty of his cars but it made his cars much more user friendly for guys not vertically challenged.

These longer cars also received a slightly taller windshield to accommodate taller drivers. I have only had opportunity to see one Classic Factory Auburn. I naturally had to try it on for size... wow what a difference the larger dimensions make. Supposedly the molds were taken from a California Custom Coach body and then altered to Mr. Prices specifications. In May of 2005, someone in Glendale, California was offering these molds for sale.  At that time they were being stored in Los Angeles, California.

The Classic Factory built both 2 place and 4 place Auburns Speedsters. The cars were offered in kit form or as factory built  cars. The Factory built Auburns were constructed on a modified Ford Chassis and normally used 302 Ford engines, but other engines were available. Turn Key cars were priced between $25,000 and $32,000 in 1983. Basic kits started at $8995.

As an item of interest, the Cord Cabriolet molds are currently owned by ACD member, Don C. Loux. Don currently offers Full Size Cord recreations. Don is the founder of Duloux Motors Ltd., his website is

The Classic Factory
1454 E. Ninth St.
Pomona, California 91766


note: this address is over 20 years old / last updated: 02-2008

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